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SCUBAScotty is owned and operated by
Scott Upper, PADI Master SCUBA Diving Instructor #195273


Diving is a life-changing experience.
It involves conquering your fears and becoming one with the elements.

In 1992, U.S. National Platform Diving Team member Scott Upper took his final competitive dive and stayed underwater, trading a life of aerial acrobatics for a life-long, gravity-free adventure.

As a PADI Instructor and Mate, he's worked on dive boats, private yachts, research vessels, and even in shark cages, clocking enough underwater miles to cross the Atlantic, and certifying hundreds of divers along the way. Click the map points below for more info on these gigs.

As a result, Scott came to the conclusion that though tourism dollars help third world economies, reef system and marine life protection programs are almost always conducted by visiting scholars and scientists. Therefore, additional action needs to be taken in order to have any impact at all.

ScubaScotty's partners/operators are selected not only because they are the best of the best at ensuring each divers' safety and enjoyment, but also because they take an active part in facilitating our  Eco-Promise, where 10% of all proceeds go directly toward scientific research, advancement, and protection of the nearest local marine ecosystem.

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Travel Training FAQ About